Outreach Notes

We are doing lots and lots of outreach. we want to help kids and others to learn about engineering and robotics. we really wish to push them towards STEM careers and make a difference.

We started by marching in the 4th of July parade. we walked with the robotics group with other teams.

We went to the Makers Faire in the summer. We got supplies, ideas, and bonded all along the way.

We have gone to the Wescott Library and taken out some Legos from our FLL days. We taught kids about building certain things and just let them play around with the Legos and make cool creations.

We went to Feed My Starving Children and packed many many meals for unfortunate children across the globe. We fed a total of 77 kids for a year. We bonded and built on our teamwork. it was definitely a fun experience.

We went to a senior citizen center. We gave a 30-minute presentation after we worked on our robot and some programming. it is really coming along!

Recently we have taken care of a lot of outreach. Three of our main sources of outreach would be our association with WIRES ( Women In Robotics Empowering Sisters), our CoderDojo that made it to the Thomson Reuters SuperBowl page, and hosting the Eagan, Minnesota FTC tournament. We worked long and hard on these events. For WIRES we helped get the group a bit more out there and added a sort of FTC flare to the group. Our CoderDojo we worked on for three weeks has turned out to be a success. We taught minorities and young children how to use RoboCode which is a sort of virtual Battle Bots. During the Eagan tournament, we helped set up, volunteer, and tear down the FTC things in use. We’ve also and various others, too many to count, that have taunt us much and opened our horizons for future events.