Fundraising Press Kit


We have gotten a few sponsors here and there. They have helped us lots to buy equipment, metal, tools, and so much more.

Quick-Serv: Quick-Serv has graciously given us $1000.00 early in the season and became our first Platinum Sponsor.  We are planning to make a presentation for their most kind donation. We did get a donation for them last year and like we plan to do we made a presentation for them. After we took a tour of their awesome facility.

Thomson Reuters: We have gotten a very kind donation of $1500.00 from Thomson Reuters. We went to take a tour of of their printing presses on September 22nd , 2016. First we went into the magnificent place and viewed some works they had printed for authors such as Harry Potter. Then we went into a separate room; we took a virtual tour of the printing press work station. Then we split into two groups. One went into the Printing press room to see the presses up close. The other learned about some of the cool programming and how to fix the presses. It was very loud in the printing press room so we had to wear ear buds. The instructor discussed about what the machines did and what certain buttons did. In the programming room we learned about going into the lines of code and figuring out what does what and how to fix a glitch in the system.

Delta: The pilots of Delta Air Lines have made a few anonymous donations to our team. It all totals up to about $2750.00! We are very thankful for this donation and will give back to them in anyway.

Twin City Staffing: Twin City Staffing has given us $500.00 and letting us borrow their trailer for competition.


We are very thankful for the funds and are always looking toward next season.    Please email us at:  if your interested in making a donation of any amount.    Thank You for reading.