FTC Team# 11150

FTC Team #11150 also known as the Thunder PengWin Robotics Team is a group of smart, creative, intuitive, friendly, helpful, humorous and kind teens. We will work hard to create an awesome robot, a fantastic engineering notebook, and help other people and teams.


Update 09/28/17:   We are super excited about the new season and have started to build an amazing robot. We started off today’s practice by thinking of some goals we would like to achieve. We also were very excited to learn that we would be the “host” team for the Eagan FTC Robotics tournament. We believe that it will be an amazing outreach opportunity for us. We then went into groups and started working on different things. Our robot is coming along really well and we are working on drawing up 2D sketches of it and chassis idea’s that we have. We are also working 3D printing and CAD for the wheelhouse. Overall we had an amazing practice.


Update: 11/17/17: We are a few days away from our first tournament of the Relic Recovery season and are super excited to show off our skills and robot. Our engineering notebook is being organized and finalized and is bound for success. Our robot has the ability to move glyphs and jewels and go up the balancing stone. We have used CAD in our arm to grab stuff by making a spool to real in the arm when it unfolds to grab glyphs. We are certainly prepared for an awesome tournament on 11/19/17.