Blogs from team members

Derek- My first experience with the team was in the fall of 2015… That experience has carried over to the present day with all of my new teammates, Miki, Makayla, Meg, Eric, Josh, Joey, Prapthi, and last but certainly not least Logan. The experience that was created was teamwork, friendship, and responsibility.

Joshua- I was one of the people in the first year of the Thunder PengWin Robotics Team in FLL. I remember our first year with Joey Miller, Miki Beaucage, Eric Patton, Simon Friend, Brock Smith, and I. Then the second year we were Joey Miller, Miki Beaucage, Eric Patton, Makayla Palmer, Logan Timmons, and I. Through these years we have worked together and done well. This year we have Joey Miller, Miki Beaucage, Eric Patton, Makayla Palmer, Logan Timmons, Meg Sebastian, Derek Duchene, Prapthi Sirrkay, Nora Dixon, and I. We have gotten a long way from the start. We now have good teamwork skills, a better understanding of tools, Engineering skills, programmers, an everlasting friendship, responsibility, and most importantly we are having fun and learning all about gracious professionalism.

Prapthi- I was on the Wild Girls FLL team with Nora Dixon and Meg Sebastian. I then joined Thunder Pengwins robotics team. So far I have had an amazing season. This is my second year on this amazing team. So far this season and last season we have all cam so far as a team and as individuals. We have learned a lot about Programming, Tools, Engineering, Outreach, Robots, and Teamwork. Since the start of the first season, we have all grew as friends and so has our understanding of Robots.