Looking Good

We are nearly finished with the robot and the programming. All we need to do is finish the launcher attaching and program autonomous and a few more buttons. Our engineering notebook is pretty nice but still needs some fine tuning. We assigned certain things to people and all they need to do is finish it and we are right as rain. After that all we need to do is practice driving and wait for competition. The coaches discussed with us about cooperation. We also talked about a few awards we want to win. We plan to keep up the hard work.



Thunder PengWin Robotics Team

We are a small group of Teenagers working together to better ourselves and all those around us. We strive to exceed the core values stated within our league and engage others with Gracious Professionalism everyday and in all facets of our lives. We are committed towards becoming a beacon of hope and encouragement for others.  We are thankful for these opportunities. We are the Thunder PengWin Robotics Team.

Our Mission

To excel at our task at hand but never at the expense of others. To promote team before I and be an ambassador of good will.

To compete with vigor and approach problems methodically and calculate variables with control and restraint.  To demonstrate our strength with respect and humility.